This is Who I

Hello My Friend…you can call me Sheila on the comeback.

We all need companions. We need short-term ones—think fellow runners on a 5K—and long-term ones, like spouses or friends of years.
Sometimes we go through life stuff that knocks us down, and for a while, we don’t have the capacity to invite in any kind of oxygenated companions, short- or long-term. And then we turn to inanimate friends: books, sonatas, exotic coffees . . . and sometimes blogs.
This blog is my companion. For now.
Together we are going to travel to places I’ve never been, and go back to places I have loved. Because exploring and visiting and searching and discovering infuses a soul with life and vision and hope and confidence. Maybe I got knocked down, but I’m getting back up again, and I’m going to win this game we call life!
Want to go with me? Awesome. Get your passport and your backpack, and let’s go see the world.