Sendai, City of Trees

Sendai, City of Trees

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I’ve never been to Japan. Wait, I take that back. I had a layover in the Okinawa airport on my way to Australia or New Guinea or somewhere, back in the day.

But I haven’t been there properly, and I’d like to visit it. Let’s go there next.

I did some online searching about Japan—places that are a must-see or a must-experience. I came across Sendai, which is nicknamed the City of Trees.

Of course this caught my attention immediately, because I love trees.

When I moved homes recently, I had a few criteria for an acceptable place to live. One was that the house had to have at least one tree. The first place I looked at was just the right size for me, and it had a great big oak tree in the front.

It’s perfect, in a temporary way. I’m going to win at the game of life, and I don’t think I’ll end my days here, even with the existence of the oak tree.
Anyway, back to Sendai.

It’s in the middle of Japan and is the second largest city north of Tokyo. There are two streets in Sendai that have 60 zelkova trees on them, and in December, those trees are decorated with thousands of lights for the Pageant of Starlight.

Now, I don’t know this for sure, but I’d imagine that caring for those trees is a task not for the faint.

You know they have to be trimmed and maintained, (you can watch the video that I saw on this site…wowzers… click here)possibly fertilized, maybe watered, certainly checked for harmful bugs and diseases, since they are the stars of the show in December.

I don’t think I’d want to be the tree-care company. Losing face is a big deal in Japan, and can you imagine if any of those trees succumbed to the Asian three-horned hissing black beetle or got root rot or canopy crud or something? No sir, I would not want to be the tree company.

I have digressed, seriously.

Again, back to Sendai. I’d love to see Jozenji and Aoba streets and their lines of those fabulous zelkova trees.

There are other things I’d like to see in that city, but let’s start with that. And then let’s go roam the Japanese countryside.
Are you in? OK, let’s go. To the city of trees to feast our eyes and fill our senses and broaden our vision!


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